We can'tturn back the clock. But we can make every minute count.
After a disaster involving a residence or place of business, the restoration can’t
take place soon enough for the people whose lives have been disrupted by the event.
This is why we are unique within our field. When Fitzgerald Architecture is brought
into the process, not a minute is lost toward total restoration. In fact, we have a
proven track record of getting people back into their homes, or back in business,
30 to 60 days faster, by virtue of our early involvement.
Solving Life's Interruptions. Quickly.
Why Fitzgerald?
Time after time, Fitzgerald Disaster Restoration Services have proven why they are the undisputed leaders in the field with more experience than any other firm in the
tri-state area.
Fitzgerald Architecture Studio

The Fitzgerald Advantage

Other disaster recovery firms pride themselves on their step-by-step approach. But plodding along one step at a time is not our way of dealing with disaster restoration...
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Insurance Carrier Adjusters

Insurance company adjusters don’t get paid by the hour. They live by the fact that time is money. Which is why they have little tolerance for...
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Insurance Restoration Contractors

A disaster restoration construction site is no place for on-the-job training, and it’s no place for excuses. People’s lives are in turmoil...
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