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Time after time, Fitzgerald Disaster Restoration Design Services have proven why they are the undisputed leaders in the field with more experience than any other firm in the tri-state area.


After a disaster involving a residence or place of business, the restoration can’t take place soon enough for the people whose lives have been disrupted by the event. This is why we are unique within our field. When Fitzgerald Architecture is brought into the process, not a minute is lost toward total restoration. In fact, we have a proven track record of getting people back into their homes, or back in business, 30 to 60 days faster, by virtue of our early involvement.


Fitzgerald Architecture is comprised of an experienced team of professionals that are devoted to enabling the restoration of property after a disaster has struck. Our experience over the past 9 years has allowed us to develop unique methods and procedures for quickly developing construction documents for restoration projects. As a result, people are back in their homes, or back in business, in the shortest amount of time possible. What takes others months, we accomplish in weeks and days. Here’s how.

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Recovery timelines are dramatically shortened when Fitzgerald Architecture is responsible for the restoration design process for one reason. No other firm works more closely with estimates and adjusters. And no other architectural firm maintains a staff that is dedicated to this field, and is available at a moment’s notice. Most important, we know what’s involved on the part of each participant in the restoration. We know what has to happen when, the precise information each team member needs, and how to work within a reasonable timeframe. As a result, the timeframe for the recovery is compressed dramatically.

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We are a firm of professional architects specializing in disaster restoration. In point of fact, there are very few property-related disasters beyond our abilities. As a result of our considerable experience and wide range of capabilities, we can even provide disaster restoration design services for large apartment buildings and multi-story commercial structures.

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