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October, 2011

Schematic Design: 4th Meeting

By the fourth meeting the architect has further developed the exterior elevations through conversation with the client and also by working from the inside plan to the exterior. We have found that these hand rendered drawings resonate with our clients and provides a better visualization with what the final outcome will look like. […]

Landscape Design

Michael Medea, Landscape Architect from Medea Landscape Studio, LLC  is a colleague of Fitzgerald Architecture Studio who fits in perfectly with our philosophy of client oriented design. Michael visited the site of the project to observe what landscaping already existed and met with the clients to discuss what they would […]

Schematic Design: 3rd Meeting

By the third Schematic Design meeting both the Architect and client are looking to come to a resolution on many of the design options provided. At this point the large components of the project such as foundation walls, exterior and interior walls, and roof lines have been decided upon. This […]

Schematic Design: 2nd Meeting

At this point of the Schematic Design process we have developed a good understanding of what the client wants and is looking for. We continue to develop the final product, focusing in on the finer details such as materiality, cabinets/storage, and furniture placement as we move further into the design. Typically, 3 different […]

Schematic Design: 1st Meeting

Schematic Design is the next step in the FAS design process. The goal during this phase is to become very intimate with the project through communication and interaction with the owner(s) to provide the solution that best suites them. Schematic Design meetings typically occur 3 times through the duration of the project, but can […]


Once the Existing Condition drawings are accepted by the client we move into the design process with the goal of giving the client what they desire while providing them technical and architectural guidance. Sometimes we have the opportunity to gain further insight into the project aside from what the proposal […]

Existing Conditions

Once we return to the office we transfer our hand sketched drawings and measurements into a digital drawing/model with AutoCAD and/or Revit Architecture (depending upon the requirements for the project). This provides our office with base drawings we can work off of for the proposed construction. The existing condition drawing set will be […]

Field Visit

Once the client has accepted the proposal and signed a contract we begin our FAS design process. We begin with visiting the site. If the project is a new build we visit to document the surrounding conditions with photos, measurements of the site and any environmental factors that may have an […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Fitzgerald Architecture Studio‘s new blog! Each week we will be posting  updates, news and projects from the studio. First, we will track the progress of one of our Residential projects as we update a forgotten historical farm house into a useful and livable space. Stay tuned as we get this blog underway…