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Construction Con’t: Roof Completion, Porch Foundations, and a Double Height Great Room Revealed

5 January 2012

Next, the concrete truck came and poured footings for the three porches as well as footings in the basement. This allowed the masons to get started on the brick pillars beneath the porch features. The brick pillars were incorporated to match the existing front porch pillars, as seen in the image below. It was our intention to preserve the existing style and bring it to life again.

Existing and New Brick Pillars

New Brick Pillars Beneath Gazebo Entrance

Concrete Footing for Pillars to come

Roof construction was completed. The wood shingles really light up in the morning sun. The remaining details to be finsihed on the facade are removing the old windows and reaplacing with new Marvin Windows (selected by the homeowner after an in-office consultation) as well as updating the siding with new primer and paint (the finished product will be gray). Lastly, updates to broken decorative trim deatils to restore what the farm house once was.

Front Facade with Finished Roof

Decorative Trim Detail

While the exterior was getting cleaned up, the second floor above the great room was removed to provide a double height space. The framing that is shown will be concealed with gypsum board, but the owners are considering salvaging large timbers to place as decorative exposed rafters over the great room. Below you can see the space before and after the removal of the floor, and the difference is incredible, especially in person!

Great Room Before & After


Great Room Ceiling Trusses

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