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Construction Documents

9 December 2011

Once the client and designer have ironed out the programming, aesthetics and design functionality together the designer finalizes the design in a Construction Documents drawing set. There are many details included in this drawing set that had not been brought forward to the client before. Zoning, Code, Notes to the Contractor, Demolition drawings, Specifications, Interior Elevations, Detailed connections, Door and Window Schedules, electric and Plumbing are all addressed in this final set. The level of detail is imperative as these drawings will be sent to the town for Permits, answering the zoning officials questions for the proposed construction.

Once approved, the drawings are distributed to the contractor for construction. The opening pages of the construction documents set the stage for the following pages by covering the broad items of project overview, code, zoning information, site limitations as well as demolition plans & notes. The next few pages are filled with notes and specifications for materials, products and construction practices. These pages are helpful when determining material and labor costs.

The plans below are a set of working drawings that call out construction methods, materials, dimensions as well as window & door schedules. Any specific changes being made are documented here. Keys for reading the drawings and special details are also highlighted on these pages.

A-10 Basement and First Floor Plans

A-11 Second Floor and Roof Plans

Elevations are helpful in showing what the home should look like after construction. Materials, products, and finishes are key here. Level heights are documented on these pages to provide important construction information as well as reflect back to building code concerns.

A-20 Elevations

The sections below are incredibly useful in the construction process. They assist in showing how all the parts connect together into one cohesive structure. These sections have also been helpful in providing the owner with a spatial  understanding of each room.

A-30 Sections

The details just might be one of the most important components of the construction set. This shows exactly how the structural pieces ie. walls, roof, floor, foundation, stairs and awnings get constructed. Having these details eliminates construction issues that arise in the field, providing a quick and often seamless construction getting you into your space sooner.

A-40 Details

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