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Field Visit

17 October 2011

Once the client has accepted the proposal and signed a contract we begin our FAS design process. We begin with visiting the site. If the project is a new build we visit to document the surrounding conditions with photos, measurements of the site and any environmental factors that may have an effect on the proposed build. If the project is an addition or reconstruction we also document the existing conditions. This includes: digital photos, measuring the building inside and out, hand sketched floor plans and noting all structure to provide a detailed existing conditions documentation to build from. In this time, we are often able to discuss any questions or concerns with the homeowner we may have about the building.

Front facade of the 19th Century farm house

Interior view of Existing Dining Room and Living Room

Existing Stair to Second Floor

Existing Attic with Roof Rafters, Collar Ties and Corbelled Brick Chimney

Existing Conditions Field Notes with Measurements

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