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New Windows/Framing a New Kitchen

18 January 2012

Ahh yes, we all love the nostalgia of the single pained windows with the swirls and dot engrained in the glass, but for efficiency of running your HVAC systems, those windows are just as good as having an open window during the coldest and hottest days of the year. To save themselves some money on their energy bills, the client chose to upgrade to energy star rated windows by Marvin Windows. These windows have a white  trim that will subtly contrast with the siding that will be a darker shade of gray. The window’s exterior header will also be re-constructed to mimic the original decorative headers that lived on the existing farm house.

New windows installed in the popped dormer and front facade

Craftsman renovating exterior window headers

Floor framing was extended out from the Great Room to provide more circulation to and from the Kitchen. This new framing sits upon the new brick piers where the existing enclosed porch once stood.

Extended great room floor

The new floor for the Kitchen on the far side of the Great Room has begun. This new floor will increase the size of the existing Kitchen and provide alternative access with an enclosed gazebo-type entry (on the far left), adding to the character and functionality of this old farm house.

View of new kitchen framing on first floor

New floor framing for proposed ktichen

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