Recovery timelines are dramatically shortened when Fitzgerald Architecture is responsible for the restoration process for one reason. No other firm works more closely with estimates and adjusters. And no other architectural firm maintains a staff that is dedicated to this field, and is available at a moment’s notice. Most important, we know what’s involved on the part of each participant in the restoration. We know what has to happen when, the precise information each team member needs, and how to work within a reasonable timeframe. As a result, the timeframe for the recovery is compressed dramatically.

Property Loss and Restoration Services offered include:

  1. Visit site to meet with Adjuster, Building owner and Estimator
  2. Generate Formal Site Visit Field Reports
  3. Survey site to ascertain immediate safety concerns
  4. Assist in development of preliminary repair plan
  5. Document existing conditions including detailed measurements of entire structure if necessary
  6. Document damaged components and provide preliminary repair solutions
  7. Photographic documentation of building and site
  8. Create electronic drawings of existing conditions
  9. Recreate lost portions of structures
  10. Perform detailed analysis to determine Building Code mandated upgrades. Often this results in fewer than expected upgrades:
  11. Fire alarm/smoke detection
  12. Sprinklers
  13. Structural members
  14. Fire rated assemblies
  15. Contact local building and other municipal officials to identify and document locally mandated requirements.
  16. Identify and coordinate necessary special services:
  17. Structural
  18. Mechanical, Electrical engineers, house movers, etc.
  19. Generate reconstruction/repair drawings necessary for application of building permits
  20. Generate Formal Code Review documents
  21. Generate Summery Report documenting all individual requirements in one easy to read document
  22. Apply for building permit (if necessary)

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