Disaster Restoration Services

Fitzgerald Architecture is comprised of an experienced team of professionals who have devoted the past 4 years to enabling the restoration of property after a disaster has struck. Our experience over the years has allowed us to develop unique methods and procedures for quickly developing construction documents for restoration projects. As a result, people are back in their homes, or back in business, in the shortest amount of time possible. What takes others months, we accomplish in weeks and days. Here’s how.

• We go by the book
We are thoroughly familiar with the building codes of every municipality within our service area. As a result, delays are avoided, and work is started without going back to the drawing board after every municipal review. In short, if it’s in the book, we know how to deal with it. Our in-depth understanding of the building codes ensures that only what is mandated is included in the repair; nothing more, nothing less. This equates to savings for the insurer, peace of mind for the owner and a more efficient path to completion for the contractor.
• We know the players.
Because we have been working in the field of disaster restoration for years, we have developed healthy working relationships with the people critical to the progress of any restoration project. We know how to avoid confrontations and miscommunications, and we know how to work around the little problems that can become major stumbling blocks if handled incorrectly.
• We’re dedicated specialists.
Our experienced personnel are specifically dedicated to the restoration and recovery of property. This means that Fitzgerald Architecture can quickly respond to disasters and we’re routinely on site within 24 hours of being called. Few other architectural firms can provide a similar level of staff commitment.

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