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Roof Construction

22 December 2011
The construction process reveals the first tangible stages of the design being lifted from the 2D Construction Documents and visualizing the spaces come to life before you. As mentioned before, Roof Construction was addressed first so that the contractors could access the underside of the roof from the second floor before they removed it to open up a double height space in the great room below.
Only weeks after construction began, the dormer pop-ups were receiving their flashing, the framing for the clerestory windows under the dormer pop-ups was completed and the wood shakes on the roof were nearly completed. The main house’s existing roofing was being pulled up in preparation for new wood shingles.
On the first floor you can see the walls were knocked out and supports for the floor beam above were supported by temporary steel posts. New sill plates were anchored into the existing kitchen foundation walls for the new floor joists.
One interesting factor of constructing an addition on a historical farm house  is the merging of new and old structural systems. In this home, the new rafters loads are transferred to an existing beam along the perimeter of the second floor walls.  Instead of ripping out EVERYTHING and replacing it ALL with new members, we evaluate the strength and durability of the existing structures. Is there significant rot, decay or termite/pest damage that has occurred? If the member is sound and has been supporting the existing structures for many years without bowing or shifting, it can be salvaged and re-used. However, when installing the new framing for windows, walls, and transferring the loads from the rafters, you will notice new members included to support the loads and be sure that all members are properly supported.

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