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Schematic Design: 1st Meeting

24 October 2011

Schematic Design is the next step in the FAS design process. The goal during this phase is to become very intimate with the project through communication and interaction with the owner(s) to provide the solution that best suites them. Schematic Design meetings typically occur 3 times through the duration of the project, but can easily grow depending upon the project size and changes made to the project. In preparation for the first Schematic Design meeting the Project Architect works from the detailed proposal which outlines everything the clients are hoping to accomplish with their project. The below drawings  provide a basis for conversation to evolve from and allows us to throw around some ideas, listen to the client’s goals, priorities, likes and dislikes. During this meeting the client offers their opinion on the proposed plans and elevations and we make note of all changes to work towards a final solution.

Schematic Design First Floor Plan: First Meeting

Schematic Design Second Floor Plan: First Meeting

Schematic Design Front Elevation: First Meeting

Schematic Design Side Elevation: First Meeting

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