Other disaster recovery firms pride themselves on their step-by-step approach. But plodding along one step at a time is not our way of dealing with disaster restoration…

…When time is of the essence progress needs to be made in overlapping fashion. This is why our architectural services are so valued within the insurance and contracting communities. We lay out a plan that allows for multiple phases of progress to be made in dovetail fashion, without people getting in the way of one another. This is what we bring to the table – a blueprint for saving time without compromising the quality of workmanship on the part of any one contributor to the process.

Insurance Carrier Adjusters
Insurance company adjusters don’t get paid by the hour. They live by the fact that time is money. Which is why they have little tolerance for…

… restoration plans that are unrealistic and need countless revisions. They want to work with plans and people who get it right the first time, people who speak their language, and who know how to avoid setbacks. That’s why we work so well with adjusters. We have earned their trust and their confidence. They have seen how our plans can fast track even the most ambitious restoration project. They know we have the ability to schedule and set the pace for multiple phases of a restoration project, without keeping contractors waiting on one another, and without eating into the allotted funds with cost overruns

Insurance Restoration Contractors
A disaster restoration construction site is no place for on-the-job training, and it’s no place for excuses. People’s lives are in turmoil…

…and every day their loss becomes greater. This is not just our way of thinking. It is the sentiment we share with each of the contractors we work with. And we work with them hand-in-hand, well beyond the approval of our plans. Because our plans call for more than mutual respect. Our plans call for synchronized cooperation. Yes, when a restoration project is driven by the vision of our architectural firm, the operative word is teamwork. Which means no one gets in anyone else’s way, and progress gets made every day.

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